Raption 50KW Charging Station

Raption 50 kW Charging Station

Key Features

  • The Raption is an attractive slimline DC fast charging station suitable for installation indoors or outdoors in stand alone or against the wall configurations. Easy access is provided by the lockable front door.
  • The Raption is capable of delivering a DC fast charge of up to 50 kW to CHAdeMO and CCS compatible cars. The maximum output of the Raption can be limited to 25 kW by an over the air software change. This makes the Raption suitable for installations where the power supply may be insufficient to cater for 50 kW devices.
  • The Raption Fast Charging Station also has a Type 2 AC charging cable that delivers up to 22 kW of power to type 2 IEC62196-2 (Mennekes) compatible cars such as the Tesla Model S.