Raption 22

DC fast charging station for electric vehicles

Designed to be installed in both public access environments (urban spaces, shopping centres, airports, public car parks…) and private ones (companies with EV fleet, EV car rental/sharing…) with limited or expensive power availability or DC where charging is appreciated but the main interest is to have the users spending (without rushing) on the surrounding businesses.
Conceived to address the main problem identified by Charge Point Owners / Operators when Fast Charging (low uptime), Raption 22 series bases its functioning in state-of-the-art modular power technology. Another key attribute considered has been external design.
Sophisticated, slim and robust are just some attributes that can be used to describe this series and that makes it ideal for any type of site (from the most stylish urban area to industrial sites).

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  • The Raption 22 kW provides a cheap fast DC charging solution for electric cars that have on-board AC chargers rated to less than 22 kW. For example the Tesla Model X and Model 3 have on-board AC chargers rated to 11 kW while the BMW i3 has an on-board AC charger rated to 7.1 kW. All these cars can charge at 22 kW on a DC charger.
  • The station can be fitted with an optional Type 2 AC socket rated to 22 kW. This configuration allows two cars to charge at the same time, one from the AC socket and one from either the CHAdeMO or CCS cables. The Type 2 AC socket increases the power requirement of the station from 24 kVA (32 amps per phase) to 45 KVA (64 amps per phase).
  • The station can charge two cars at the same time if fitted with the AC socket; one car on the AC cable and one car on the DC cable. Only one DC cable can be used at any one time.
  • The station is connected to a three phase 400 V 32 amp AC power supply and provides up to 22 kW DC via CHAdeMO and Combo CCS 1/2 cables and up to 22 kW AC from a Type 2 socket if fitted..
  • The Raption 22 can be installed outdoors if a shelter is provided.
  • The Raption has ethernet and 3G capability for connection to the charging station provider’s network or alternatively to the Charge Star Network

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Answers to frequently asked questions

  • The DC charging stations are all weather and rated to IP66.
  • The housing can be made from Ansi 316 marine grade steel suitable for coastal locations.
  • The stations will charge all CHAdeMO and CCS Combo 1 cars in Australia.
  • The stations can provide AC charging via the third cable in either Type 1 (J1772) or Type 2 (Mennekes) format suitable for the Tesla Model S.
  • The stations are designed to be used like a self-service petrol pump without supervision.
  • The stations will charge most electric cars to 80% in twenty minutes and 100% in forty minutes.
  • Two cars can charge at the same time, one on DC and one on AC.
  • The stations are connected to the E-Station network via an on-board modem connected to the Telstra network.
  • The stations require little or no downtime or maintenance. Software updates are done remotely.
  • The stations are monitored remotely on a 24 hour basis by E-Station.
  • Callout and support is provided the local E-Station agent.
  • E-Station provides a driver portal hosted on the Bosch eMobility platform.



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